How to
Use this Card

There are many Bible reading schedules available today. However, this chart is not a schedule, but a guide for helping you to go through the Bible at the pace you desire. The key to understanding it is that each number in a box is the last chapter in that reading.

For example, look at the readings in the book of Genesis:

So, it takes four readings to get through Genesis: Chapters 1 to 16, chapters 17 to 28, chapters 29 to 40, and chapters 41 to 50.

Altogether, we have broken the Bible down into 90 of these readings, as the title of the card indicates.Some 90 reading Bibles and plans stress making the readings the same length. With this card, we felt it was more important to make the readings cohesive, i.e., keeping the readings within one book, or a meaningful section of the book. So, the readings do vary in length, but hopefully not too much.

You can determine your own pace for going through the Bible. For example, if you do one reading a week, it will take 90 weeks, or a little less than two years. Two a week will get you through the Bible in about one year, while one a day will get you through the Bible in 90 days, or just about three months.

Here is the calculator we include on the back of the card:

When you start your Bible reading, tape this card inside your Bible and mark each reading as you complete it. (You can also use the spaces provided at the bottom right of the card to write down the start and end dates for each time you read through the Bible.)

When you finish the entire Bible, write the date in your Bible, so that over many years you’ll have a record of how many times you’ve gone through the Bible.

We hope it will be very many! And may the Lord bless your reading.